Runners are an easy way to change your table from formal to fun, warm and relaxed to ready to eat.

Some of the runners below are doubleweave–two distinct layers interweaving in blocks to form pattern. Some are classic plain weave, some overshot. Still other are damask.

Damask is a turned satin. Satin is a simple weave like plain weave and twill. It has one warp and one weft. The warp shows more on one side and the weft shows more on the other, quite noticeable in the green and red runners below. Because it has longer floats than plain weave or twill, it looks slightly shiny. Patterns are designed to show warp-dominated figures on a weft-dominated background. In damask, each pattern row requires five or more throws of the shuttle. Each piece takes that much longer to weave, but also results in a finer textile.

To see currently available runners, see Jeanweaves.


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